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1. I need a 6 and 10 in these..One side Full front pocket with heart thin blue line and other side a peekaboo patch blue sequins with paint splatter on the sequins side and with paint splatter on back with back fabric like colts order. Bleach fade like police ones shown & ribbons

2. I need two of these one 6 and other size 10 The police double patch with bleach fade one patch heart blue line and one patch police car with blue sequins back pocket and ribbon.

3. Boy 3T baby shark “ fix them up however you think bleach , patches , holes. I like it all I don’t like plain 🤣

All of my shorts I would like for you to use the children’s place please and if you can on my last order double check make sure I got the size 6 and 10 right. Ribbon on all the girls.